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                                                                 About Us

Mr. Jalik Parham, Esq.

Owner & Operator of Par Excellence Taxes, LLC. 

Jalik is an active, fully licensed, practicing attorney on Long Island, New York.  Jalik's specialty is Tax Law.  In addition to operating his tax firm, Jalik also works as a Senior Tax Expert for TurboTax and has been a Mathematics Teacher in the New York City Public Schools for two decades.  Jalik enjoys helping people understand their taxes while making the process painless and stress free.  In addition to helping his clients with their personal, business, corporate and non-profit tax returns, Jalik helps individuals create LLC's, Non- Profits (w/ 501(c)(3) tax exempt status), getting a fresh start with the IRS and various state tax agencies. Jalik also enjoys helping his clients with any tax issues, audits, student loan and other legal issues his clients may be experiencing.  If Jalik doesn't specialize in an area, he is happy to refer another attorney that can help. Jalik is currently accepting new clients and will be happy to make your tax filing the best and most professional thus far!